Planning Board

Appointments to the Planning Board shall be made by the City Council. The Board shall consist of seven (7) members and two (2) associate members. The term of each member shall be for 3 years. No member or associate member of the Planning Board shall serve concurrently as a member of the Board of Appeals for the City of Brewer.

The Planning Board shall be responsible for the preparation and amendment of the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Brewer. The Board specifically is authorized to act as the Site Plan Review Authority under the Zoning Ordinance, for the City of Brewer and the Reviewing Authority for planned unit development under said ordinance, and the Reviewing Authority under the Mobile Home Park Ordinance for the City of Brewer. The Board shall perform as a study and planning agency; such studies and planning as may be referred to it from time to time, by the City Council for the City of Brewer.

The Planning Board is scheduled to meet the first Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Brewer City Hall Council Chambers. In the case of a holiday, the meeting will generally be held the following week, but please contact Linda Johns at 207.989.8431 to be certain! If you have any questions about the Planning Board responsibilities or its functions, please contact Linda as well.



Amy Clark (associate) 2019
Jennifer Morin (associate) 2017
Constance Holden 2018
Craig M. Saunders, Chairman 2018
Karen Morelli 2019
Thomas McGary 2019
Richard Manzo 2017
Albert A. Gibson 2017
James Mullen 2018