It is highly recommended that you call ahead to make sure someone is available to issue the permit

Burn Permit

By State and local laws, a permit is required from your local fire department before burning certain items, and not everything can be burned!

Please check the City of Brewer Ordinance Chapter 9  on Fire Prevention (For a copy of this ordinance, please visit the City Clerk’s page or call the City Clerk at 207.989.7050). or call the department for information. We do not issue burn permits for days higher than a Class 3 according to the Maine Forest Service.

Click here to view the website for the day’s fire danger rating.

There is a charge of $5 per permit. Permits can only be issued for one day at a time. Because of changing weather conditions (dry spell, high winds, etc.) you should call to make sure we are issuing permits that given day. It could save you a trip!