The Patrol Division of the Brewer Police Department consists of fifteen (15) uniformed personnel; three (3) Sergeants, four (4) Corporals, and eight (8) Patrol Officers. The Sergeant’s responsibility is to supervise the patrol officers under their command as well as participate in patrol activities. The Corporals perform these same functions in the absence of the Sergeants.

Two patrol officers are assigned to the position of SRO (School Resource Officer). SROs spend their days at the Brewer Community School, as well as Brewer High School, working closely with students, teachers and administrators to educate and ensure the safety of our students.

The primary responsibility of the Patrol Division is to patrol the streets of Brewer to create and maintain a feeling of security in the community. At the most basic level, this is accomplished by identifying and apprehending criminal offenders, responding to a wide variety of citizen calls for assistance, and enforcing traffic laws. In addition to basic enforcement duties, Brewer police officers engage in a wide range of activities aimed at making Brewer a safe and enjoyable place to live. These activities include, but are not limited to, taking part in community policing programs, conducting drug investigations, and performing other proactive activities that help make Brewer a safe place to live.


The Detectives are responsible for investigating a various range of crimes, mostly felonies. A majority of the crimes they are responsible for investigating are those that require specific knowledge, skills, and abilities. Other duties that fall under the auspices of the Detective Division are: maintaining crime statistics, maintaining all evidence, conducting license inspections, and other duties as assigned by Administration. The Detective Division is supervised by a Detective Sergeant, who also supervises drug investigations conducted by the Patrol Division.


The Administration Division of the Brewer, Maine Police Department consists of five (5) employees; the Chief of Police, the Captain of Police, the Patrol Lieutenant, an Administrative Secretary, and a Receptionist. It is the function of the Administrative Division to plan, direct, coordinate, control and staff all activities of the Department. It is also responsible for the Department’s continued and efficient operation and for the enforcement of rules and regulations. The Administrative Division is also responsible for its relations with local citizens, local government and other related agencies.