Code Enforcement

City Hall - Brewer, Maine

Welcome to Code Enforcement!

Our department is responsible for all construction, remodeling, certificates of occupancy, and permits for the City of Brewer. We are a resource for the citizens and businesses of Brewer and are glad to meet and discuss any potential or upcoming projects. We work with contractors, plumbers, electricians, residents and others to ensure that work in the City is being completed in a safe manner that conforms to our codes and ordinances. The department’s most important function is to ensure the safety of the citizens of Brewer, and we look forward to speaking with you soon.  We can be reached at (207) 989-7790 or by our email listed below.   If there are any possible code issues, concerns or complaints, we have also provided a form for you to complete and return to us.


  • Kristie  Rines, Code Enforcement Officer, Health Inspector, Licensed Plumbing Inspector


  • Richard Houp, Deputy Code Enforcement Inspector, Licensed Plumbing Inspector, Building Inspector, Deputy Health Officer