Testing Lab

The Brewer Water Department has been operating a Water Quality Testing Laboratory since 1997. The laboratory was first certified by the State of Maine in 1999 and is recertified every two years.

The laboratory is staffed by three qualified laboratory technicians / water system operators and a laboratory director.  The lab is currently fully certified for Total Coliform and E. coli testing by the Colilert method and for Fecal Coliform testing by the Membrane Filtration method.  The Brewer laboratory provides certified results for Public Water Systems for regulatory compliance and for contractors installing or repairing water conveyance components (pipelines and storage tanks).  The lab also has the equipment and capabilities to do additional water quality analyses for non-compliance purposes.

“The Brewer Water department does not test residential well water”. 

For more information on the Water Quality Testing Laboratory, please contact the lab directly, at 207.843.7182.