Fire Prevention

It comes as a shock to some when they are faced with the realization that among the industrialized nations of the world, the United States has the greatest fire problem.

There are three distinct means at our disposal to attack our fire problem.

  1. The first, and most obvious, is through the technology of fire suppression.
  2. A second means is through the development of fire codes and laws to insure that society is offered a minimal risk and maximum protection from fire.
  3. The third means for attacking fire is through education. Our Public Education Officer, through a program of fire safety and awareness, can educate the public in their role in changing America’s fire problem. We accomplish this task by teaching Learn Not To Burn (R). Our program is more than a cognitive education approach, it incorporates psycho-motor skills that really do change the outcome of a fire incident or completely prevent the fire from becoming an incident. We start the fire awareness program as early as pre-school with themes like “Stop, Drop & Roll” and not to fear firefighters, “They Are Your Friend.”

This beginning is the foundation of our program, building rapport that carries through to grade six. At the end of the 6th grade, the program comes to a close, leaving our students with a total of 15 lectures or 20 hours of fire awareness education that will carry with them and affect their attitudes about life safety throughout their adult lives. The program is not a guarantee that fire will not strike you or your family in your lifetime, but what it does do, is provide information, strategies and resources that will assist an individual with making good decisions for a high degree of safety. This promotes a positive attitude to make the changes in one’s lifestyle to bring fire incidents under control in America.

In recent years, our fire awareness program has answered a need for safety in the workplace. The federal government has, over time, realized the importance of this specialized training and created federal mandates for employers. Many local businesses and city departments have tapped into our program as a vital resource to their ever-growing needs to educate their employees.

Public Education

The following services are offered through the Public Education Office.

Juvenile Fire Setter

Does your child have a fascination with fire? Have you caught him/her with matches or a lighter? Maybe they have even started a fire in or around the home? Contrary to popular belief, this is not just boys being boys. Most fire setting behavior has an underlying cause. Please contact the Public Education Officer for information about the Juvenile Fire Setter program.

Fire Extinguisher Class

Do you provide fire extinguishers throughout your business and expect employees to use them? If so, OSHA 1910 requires that you provide training for your employees. Please contact the Public Education Officer for more information.


The following services are offered through the Fire Inspections Department.

  • Chimney inspections
  • Pellet stove inspections
  • Help with smoke detector and CO detector locations for new and existing residential and apartment buildings
  • Knox Box Rapid Entry System information and locations

Please contact the Inspection Division for more information.

We offer inspections of homes and businesses, at no cost, to anyone who resides or does business in the City of Brewer. If you would like to schedule an inspection, please contact our Fire Inspector, Brandon Randall, during regular business hours from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.