Here in Brewer, we take a team approach to almost everything, and at the top of that list is our departments working together to help our residents and businesses. We are proud of our talented and experienced Department Heads and all of our employees, and in turn, they are proud of the City in which they work.

Not sure which department you need to talk to? Submit a question or comment and we’ll make sure it gets to the right department!

Department Phone #

Assessing 207.989.7560
City Clerk 207.989.7050
City Manager 207.989.7500
Code Enforcement 207.989.7790
Economic Development 207.989.7500
Engineering 207.989.7800
Environmental Services 207.989.5417
Finance 207.989.8440
Fire (Business Line) 207.989.7002
Human Services 207.989.7020
Library 207.989.7943
Parks and Recreation 207.989.5199
Planning 207.989.8431
Police (Business Line) 207.989.7001
Public Works 207.989.7800
School Department (Supt. Office) 207.989.3160
Tax Office 207.989.7060
Technology 207.989.8428
Water 207.989.4214