City Hall - Brewer, Maine

Doing Business with Brewer & RFPs

The City of Brewer is requesting bids for the purchase and installation of a new Emergency Stand-By Generator for the Joseph L. Ferris Community Center. Click here to learn more.

Bid Deadline: Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 on or before 2:00pm Eastern time.

 Specifications and bid forms may be obtained from the Parks & Recreation Department located at 318 Wilson Street, Brewer, Maine 04412, (207) 989-5199.

The City of Brewer, Maine is requesting sealed bids for the supply and delivery of approximately 2,000 cubic yards of sand per year for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 winter seasons. Click here to learn more!

 Bid Deadline: on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 on or before 2:00 PM Eastern time. 

The City of Brewer, Maine reserves the right to accept or reject all or any part of any or all bids received.  Bids will not receive consideration unless submitted strictly in accordance with the instructions.  All bids must be submitted on the “CITY OF BREWER WINTER SAND BID FORM” and envelopes shall be plainly marked, “FY21 – 22 Winter Sand Bid”.

 Specifications and bid forms may be obtained from the Public Works Department located at 221 Green Point Road, Brewer, Maine 04412, (207) 989-7800.