Backflow/Cross Connection Program

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What is a Cross Connection?  A cross connection is a physical connection between a source of clean, drinkable water and a source that is unsafe, potentially unsafe, or undesirable to drink. Cross connections make it possible for potentially hazardous, unsafe substances (or contaminants) to enter a drinking water supply and cause people to get sick or even die.

What is backflow and how can it occur?  Water normally flows in one direction through your plumbing system and out your tap. Water flows in the reverse direction during backflow. When a cross connection exists, it is possible for an unwanted substance or contaminant to enter (or backflow into) the drinking water supply. Backflow can result from either suction or pressure. Suction backflow pulls contaminants into the drinking water supply, like sucking liquid up a straw. Pressure backflow occurs when the unsafe or unwanted substance has greater pressure than the drinking water and therefore can force its way into the drinking water supply.

Why is backflow a concern? Backflow is a concern because it has the potential to make people really sick, especially if a dangerous or poisonous material enters into the drinking water, such as chemicals used for cleaning or treating lawns. Backflow is also a concern because it can be unexpected. Many people think it can’t or won’t happen to them, but it is hard to predict when a loss of pressure in your water system can happen. And, if you have a cross connection, you could end up with backflow into your water supply.

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