Brewer Landfill


The Brewer Landfill provides for the orderly disposal of construction demolition debris and bulky waste and the recycling of brush, leaves and metal generated within City borders.


403 Elm Street (Sid Arey Drive)
Brewer, ME 04412

Hours of Operation

Landfill (including the compost area):  first and third Saturday of each month from 7:30am to 2:00pm 

Compost area only:  every Tuesday from 7:00am to 11:30am
                                  FREE drop off of grass clippings, leaves, stove and fire ash


Contact Public Works at 207-989-7800 Monday–Friday between 7:00am – 3:30pm.

General Rules and Restricted Disposal

The use of the Brewer Landfill is limited exclusively to Permitted Brewer Residents. Commercial haulers transporting Brewer waste may be granted access; however, they must receive permission from the Brewer Administration and City Council prior to use.

Display of Permit Card

Each vehicle entering the Brewer Landfill shall have a permit card in their possession.  Residents shall obtain their permit from the Brewer Gatehouse Attendant at the landfill gate house.

Fee Schedule

Vehicle Permit
Resident Vehicle $2.50 (One Year)
Non-Resident Vehicle Not Permitted
Disposal of Tires
Passenger car or Pick-up truck (no rims)
Passenger car or Pick-up truck (on the rim)
$3.00 each
$13.00 each 
Commercial Truck Tires (no rims)
Commercial Truck Tires (on the rim) 
$7.00 each
* Tires shall be placed in the designated location for tire disposal by the resident.
* Each Brewer household shall be eligible to dispose of up to four passenger or pick-up truck tires without rims per year, at no cost.  If the tire(s) are on a rim there
will be a $10 charge per tire on a rim.
White Goods
Freon containing appliances $15.00 each
* White goods such as refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, etc., shall be placed by the individual disposing of the item(s) in the designated location for white goods.
Propane Tanks
20 lb Propane Tank $5.00
> 20 lb Propane Tank $20.00
* Propane Tanks smaller than 20lbs will NOT be accepted.
Mattress and box spring (or mattress alone) $15.00
Construction and Demolition Debris – Residential Rates
Passenger Sedan $5.00
Station wagon or passenger van – excludes cargo vans $7.00
Pick-up Truck (½ or ¾ ton) $25.00
Trailer (not exceeding the size of a pickup body) $25.00
Pick-up with sideboards $50.00
Trailers with sideboards $50.00
Single axle dump trailer $50.00
Dump truck $75.00
Double axle dump truck $105.00
Tri-axle dump truck $155.00
Dump Trailer $215.00