City Hall - Brewer, Maine

City Organizational Chart

City of Brewer Organizational Structure:

1. City Manager:
1.1.  Assistant City Manager
1.1.1.  Executive Administrative Assistant
1.1.2.  Human Services Caseworker

1.2. City Clerk

1.3. City Assessor/GIS Coordinator
1.3.1. Property Appraiser/GIS Director
1.3.2. Appraiser/Clerical Assistant

1.4. Finance Director:
1.4.1. Tax Collector, Accounting Manager, Payroll Technician, Deputy Tax Collector, Accounting Clerk, Tax Office Clerk

1.5. Director of Public Safety:
1.5.1 Deputy Police Chief, Deputy Fire Chief
1.5.2. Police Captain, Police Lieutenant, Police Sergeant, Detectives, Corporal, Patrol Officer, Administrative Secretary, Clerk/Receptionist
1.5.3. Assistant Fire Chief, Captain Fire Training Coordinator, Fire Captain, Lieutenant Fire Inspector, Fire Lieutenant, Firefighter, Clerical Assistant

1.6. Public Works Director:
1.6.1. Purchasing Agent, Shop Foreman, Area Foreman, Office Manager, HEO, Mechanic, LEO

1.7. Water Superintendent:
1.7.1. Office Manager, Distribution, Foreman, Lead Treatment Operator, Plant Distribution Team Leader, Distribution Utility Worker, Treatment Plant Operator

1.8. Director of Environmental Services:
1.8.1. Chief Operator, Process Control Manager, Part-Time Administrative Assistant, Day Operators, Night Operators,   Collection Systems Supervisor, Environmental Techs

1.9. Parks and Recreation Director:
1.9.1. Deputy Parks and Recreation Director, Park and Cemetery Supervisor, After School Program Coordinator, Recreation Programmer, Parks and Cemetery Foreman, Secretary/Office Manager, Building Custodian

1.10. Library Director:
1.10.1. Children’s and Programming Librarian, Cataloging & Special Collections Librarian, Inter-Library Loan Assistant, Circulation Aids, Volunteers

1.11. Economic Development Director:
1.11.1. Deputy Director of Economic Development

1.12. Code Enforcement Officer:
1.12.1. Assistant Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector, Electrical Inspector, Office Manager

1.13. City Engineer:
1.13.1. Assistant City Engineer

1.14. City Planner
1.14.1. Planner I

1.15. Technology Director