City Hall - Brewer, Maine

Bond Ratings & Audits

Bond Ratings

Standard and Poor’s
AA- / Stable

Upgraded from A in April 2010

March 2022 Rating Report
March 2014 Rating Report
June 2012 Rating Report

Recalibrated from A2 in May 2010

Moody’s Annual Comment Report – 2023
March 2022 Rating Report
Moody’s Annual Comment Report – 2021
Moody’s Annual Comment Report – 2020
Moody’s Annual Comment Report – 2019
June 2012 Rating Report


Each year the City prepares comprehensive financial statements that are audited and opined on by external auditors hired by the Brewer City Council.  Because it receives more than $750,000 each year in federal funding, the City also has a Uniform Guidance audit prepared, which lists all of the federal funds received that year by the City and School and assesses the City’s compliance with requirements described in OMB’s
Uniform Guidance Compliance Supplement. Recent Financial Statement Audit and Uniform Guidance reports (formerly A-133s) are available below.

FY2022 Financial Statements
FY2022 Uniform Guidance Report

FY2021 Financial Statements
FY2021 Uniform Guidance Report

FY2020 Financial Statements
FY2020 Uniform Guidance Report

FY2019 Financial Statements
FY2019 Uniform Guidance Report

FY2018 Financial Statements
FY2018 Uniform Guidance Report

FY2017 Financial Statements
FY2017 Uniform Guidance Report

FY2016 Financial Statements
FY2016 Uniform Guidance Report (formerly the A-133)

FY2015 Financial Statements
FY2015 A-133

FY2014 Financial Statements
FY2014 A-133

FY2013 Financial Statements
FY2013 A-133

FY2012 Financial Statements
FY2012 A-133

FY2011 Financial Statements
FY2011 A-133

FY2010 Financial Statements
FY2010 A-133

FY2009 Financial Statements
FY2009 A-133