Brewer Riverwalk

Brewer Riverwalk and Children’s Garden:


Located on the waterfront along the Penobscot River, the Brewer Riverwalk features themed plantings, paved walking paths, a waterfall and an area for events such as weddings or performances. In the children’s garden you will find chess tables and picnic tables for people of all ages to enjoy. The entire length of the Riverwalk is equipped with free Wi-Fi (90 minutes/per person/day) and 24 hour video surveillance for safety.

The City of Brewer began developing the waterfront in the early 2000s, starting with a large shoreland stabilization project and the creation of the Children’s Garden. The first half of the current Riverwalk runs from Hardy Street to the Joshua Chamberlain Bridge and opened to the public in 2013. The second phase of the Riverwalk includes a tunnel and extends the trail to Veteran’s Park, near the Penobscot River Bridge. This section of the trail features an outdoor fitness center.


In November 2022, the most recent addition to the Riverwalk trail was completed, running south from Hardy Street to the new sidewalk that brings you back to a parking lot on Maple Street.

Parking for Brewer Riverwalk

There are several parking lots available for people who want to park and walk the Riverwalk. There is a parking lot located on the corner of Maple Street and South Main Street, one on the corner of Wilson Street and North Main Street, and another parking lot on Penobscot Street.