Solid Waste Programs

Brewer Comprehensive Solid Waste Program

The City of Brewer has created a fully integrated Solid Waste Program for all its residents to use as a method to safely and economically dispose of all their solid waste related items.  The Brewer Solid Waste Program was developed to comply with Maine Department of Environmental Protection solid waste regulations and meet all of the disposal needs of our Brewer residents.

Variety of Waste Place of Disposal
Household Garbage Curbside Collection
Household Recycling Curbside Collection
Metal Recycling Brewer Landfill
Brush Recycling Brewer Landfill
Household Hazardous Waste (HHHW) via HHHW Program
Universal Waste via Universal Waste Program
Leaves & Small Plant Life Collected Curbside Semi-Annually
Private Septic via WPCF & Private Contractor