Doing Business

City Hall - Brewer, Maine

Brewer is anything but business as usual. We’ve been saying it for years.

This section provides information about starting, expanding or relocating a business in Brewer, as well as why we think your business will thrive here.

Ready to be your own boss? Start a business in Brewer.

Business growing pains slowing you down? Let our Expanding your Business section be your ibuprofen.

Ready to switch zip codes? Let our Relocate your Business be your guide – we’d love to have you!

There are many different business assistance programs out there – let us help you find what you need.

Looking to do business with the City of Brewer? Click here for our list of current Request for Proposals (RFPs).

Need a permit or license to do business?  (This isn’t one of those “it’s better to ask for forgiveness” type of deals).

“Why Brewer?” We know why business in Brewer is great. So should you.

Want to hear what consumers are saying about Brewer? Check out our latest Brewer Retail Consumer Survey.