City Hall - Brewer, Maine

Boat, ATV, & Snowmobile Registration

Brewer City Hall is now open for registrations, but
To schedule an appointment, call 207.989.7060.


Here are a few suggestions to help you get your boat registered for the 2020 season.

  • The easiest way to renew your boat registration is online at  
  • First time boat registrations cannot be completed online, they must be done at the town office so the town can collect sales and excise tax. 
  • If you just purchased a new boat from a dealer, you should have a temporary registration that is good for 20 days.

The Department is looking for additional ways to assist boaters with registrations during the civil state of emergency for the most up to date information please contact MDIFW at 207.287.8000.

Tax Office
Brewer City Hall (lower level)
80 N. Main Street
Brewer, ME 04412

Hours:        Monday – Friday    8:00am – 5:00pm
Phone:       207.989.7060
Fax:           207.989.8435

What to Bring:

If a boat, snowmobile, or ATV is purchased from a private person, please bring an old registration, if available. It contains all the information needed to do a new registration. If an old registration is not available, please bring the ME number (registration number on the side of the boat or vehicle) and the serial numbers. A bill of sale is also required.  The registrations can be completed and, if applicable, sales tax paid at Brewer City Hall.

If a recreational vehicle is purchased from a dealership, a green sales tax form is required for the registration.

Many ATVs and snowmobile registrations can be completed online (however, not if they are registered in the name of a business).  Click here to access the State site.  Online boat registration renewal is also available.


Boat registrations are subject to excise tax and a registration fee. The amount of the tax is based on the length of the boat, the age of the boat, and the horsepower of the motor. The registration fee is based on the horsepower of the motor. An agent fee of $1.00 is also collected. Boat excise tax must be paid in the owner’s town of residence regardless of where the boat is docked. Boat registrations expire December 31 each year.

Lake and River Protection stickers (commonly referred to as milfoil stickers) are to be issued with all boat registrations that use Maine’s lakes and waterways.  The fee for the Resident milfoil sticker is $10, and $20 for Non-resident, in addition to all other registration fees. The milfoil stickers are attached to the registration sticker itself. It is unlawful to operate a motorboat or personal watercraft on inland waters without this sticker. The purpose for the milfoil sticker is to prevent the introduction of Invasive Aquatic Plants to Maine waters. The sale of the milfoil stickers fund the prevention program.

Online renewal is available to registrants who have previously registered their boat and who live in or primarily dock their boat in Brewer.  New registrations must be done at Brewer City Hall.


Snowmobile registrations are $45.00 plus a $1.00 agent fee. Registrations expire June 30 each year. All snowmobiles operated in the State of Maine must be registered in Maine. The State of Maine no longer has reciprocity with any other state or province on snowmobile registrations.

Non-resident snowmobile fees for the 3 day registration are $49.00 plus $1.00 agent fee.  A 10 day registration is $75.00 plus $1.00 agent fee.  A season registration is $99.00 plus a $1.00 agent fee.

Want to register your snowmobile online?  Click here to see if your machine is eligible.  Online registration is not available for snowmobiles registered in the name of a business.


ATV registrations are $45.00 plus a $1.00 agent fee for residents. Non-resident ATV registrations for the season are $90.00 plus a $1.00 agent fee. They expire June 30 each year. If any of these registrations are a first time registration the agent fee is $2.00.  Non-residents also have the option of a 7 day registration at a cost of $75.00 plus a $1.00 agent fee.

Want to register your ATV online?  Click here to see if your machine is eligible.  Online registration is not available for ATVs registered in the name of a business.