Mission & Vision

Brewer Police Department Mission Statement

As a law enforcement agency, the mission of the Brewer Police Department is to provide safety and security to the residents of, and the visitors to, the City of Brewer. As members of the Brewer Police Department, we are committed to protecting, defending, and serving the community through modern policing methods, with an emphasis on working in partnership with residents and businesses. By maintaining ongoing, direct communications with our residents and businesses, we will be better able to identify problems affecting the community and determine effective solutions to those problems. As proud members of the law enforcement profession, we will constantly strive to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the public’s confidence and respect.

Brewer Police Department Vision Statement

As the Brewer Police Department continues to strive for excellence in all we do, we are recognizing the need to employ additional resources to help us to be more effective in protecting, defending, and serving the community. By creating more effective partnerships, becoming better problem solvers, and communicating better with the residents of our community, we will have a greater impact on our community as a law enforcement agency. We will be able to move away from the image as being the agency responsible for solving all community problems and move towards an image of being the organization that coordinates the activities necessary to keep this community safe. As we foster a greater understanding and commitment among our residents that community problems are better solved by everyone, we will have resources available to us that were never imagined before. By being an equal partner and taking responsibility to help improve the quality of life in Brewer, our citizens can enjoy a better quality of life, have more pride in their community, and provide greater support for the police department. In turn, our members will have greater job satisfaction, take more pride in the department, and be better able to fulfill our mission.