City Hall - Brewer, Maine

Welcome to the Finance Department

The Finance Department receives and accounts for all funds paid to the City and disburses all funds for compensation to employees and services rendered to the City. The department is responsible for prudently managing the City’s debt and investments, preparing the annual budget and capital improvement plan, valuing and tracking its infrastructure and fixed assets, overseeing the annual audit, and providing timely and insightful financial information to assist the Council and City administration in its planning and decision making. The department maintains the City’s MUNIS central accounting system, which provides real time revenue and expense information to all City departments including the School and the water and sewer enterprise funds.

The department has two divisions described below, staffed by a total of seven employees. While its funds flow through and are overseen by the City, the School Department has its own Business Manager and Financial Assistant who manage School finances, including input of School payroll, accounts payable and general billing, administration of School employee benefits, and preparation of the School budget.

Tax Office

The Tax Office receives and accounts for all funds paid to the City. Its responsibilities include:

Tax Counter Hours:     Monday – Friday   8:00am – 5:00pm
         *New registrations and transit plates will not be processed after 4:00pm.
Tax Phone:                   207.989.7060
Tax Fax:                        207.989.8435

Finance Office

The Finance Office disburses City funds, administers and furthers City financial policies and procedures, and oversees the financial health of the City.  Its responsibilities include:

  • Paying and billing vendors (accounts payable and accounts receivable)
  • Payroll
  • Benefit administration for City employees
  • Budget preparation and oversight
  • Capital planning, debt issuance and management
  • Cash management and investments
  • Annual audit
  • Grant administration
  • Financial policies 

Finance Hours:        Monday – Friday   8:00am – 5:00pm
Finance Phone:        207.989.8440
Finance Fax:             207.989.8435

The City of Brewer is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.