City Hall - Brewer, Maine

Bond Ratings & Audits

Bond Ratings

Standard and Poor’s
AA- / Stable

Upgraded from A in April 2010
March 2014 rating report
June 2012 rating report

Recalibrated from A2 in May 2010
June 2012 rating report
Moody’s Annual Comment Report – 2016


Each year the City prepares comprehensive financial statements that are audited and opined on by external auditors hired by the Brewer City Council.  Because it receives more than $500,000 each year in federal funding, the City also has an A-133 audit prepared, which lists all of the federal funds received that year by the City and School and assesses the City’s compliance with requirements described in OMB Circular A-133 Compliance Supplement. Recent audits and A-133s are available below.

FY2016 Financial Statements
FY2016 Uniform Guidance Report (formerly the A-133)

FY2015 Financial Statements
FY2015 A-133

FY2014 Financial Statements
FY2014 A-133

FY2013 Financial Statements
FY2013 A-133

FY2012 Financial Statements
FY2012 A-133

FY2011 Financial Statements
FY2011 A-133

FY2010 Financial Statements
FY2010 A-133

FY2009 Financial Statements
FY2009 A-133