Land Use Code

The purpose of the Land Use Code is to regulate the location and use of real estate for industrial, commercial, residential and other uses in the City of Brewer.

The Code also looks at the construction, height, number of stories and area of all structures, the size of open spaces of real estate, population density and setback of structures along public ways, among other things.  Article 3 ZONING DISTRICTS is one of the more frequently used Articles of the Land Use Code which contains section 306.5 SCHEDULE OF USES and section 307 DIMENSIONAL REQUIREMENTS.

The Brewer Land Use Map shows the general layout of the different zones within the City, including the breakdown of residential, commercial and industrial zones.

The Brewer Land Use Code (Chapter 24 of the Codes and Ordinances of the City of Brewer) can be viewed below, or a hard copy may be obtained from the Brewer City Clerk’s Office.

 Brewer Land Use Code