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Teenage boys alert family of fire in Brewer

BREWER- What started as a normal Monday night for one family in Brewer quickly turned into a scary scene.

“We were just watching tv. We didn’t know anything,” said Michael Greenwood.

It happened just after 11 o’clock. The children were upstairs in bed and the rest of the occupants in the Eastern Avenue home were oblivious to the fact that their roof was on fire.

But thanks to three teenage boys, the family was able to get out before it was too late.

“Well we were on our way home and when we were turning left onto eastern avenue, we saw the street was full of smoke so we decided to come down here and see what was going on and when we drove by this house, the top of the garage was completely in flames,” said Drew Baker, one of the boys who spotted the fire.

“I was kind of stunned. I didn’t want to believe it. I’m just kind of still in shock about it. Luckily for us, they were around,” said Greenwood, who lived in the house.

The boys called 9-1-1 as they helped the family escape the smoky house.

“Crews arrived pretty quickly. They found the fire was in the ceiling. Between the ceiling and the roof line,” said Jason Moffitt, public safety director for Brewer.

Several crews, including Holden, Orrington, Bangor, and Dedham all assisting on the call. Despite the distress that the family is currently facing, they are so thankful that those boys were curious and brave enough to come to the rescue.

“God bless them, and I can’t say thank you enough,” said Greenwood.

The fire marshal’s office is expected to investigate the scene, but officials tell us it may have been an electrical issue.

Written by Ashley Paul
Weekend Anchor/Reporter