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Motorcycle Crash Survivor Thanks First Responders at Brewer Luncheon

For 15 years, Brewer Center for Health and Rehabilitation has hosted a “Home Town Hero’s Luncheon,” serving local police, fire, and EMT crews.  “There are no routine calls. They never know what they are going to face when they get called out,” said Brewer Rehab’s Julie Grover.  “I thought that was pretty outstanding to see they show appreciation like this. It’s nice to see,” said Brewer Office Dustin Martin.  But this year’s meal had even more meaning.  While they were there, 23-year-old Bre Mcintyre stopped in to say thanks.  She suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle crash in Orrington in May, including broken bones and a head injury.  Brewer Firefighter and EMT Mark Kenney was called to the scene that day.  “It’s a miracle that she’s come this far and this well this quick. It’s amazing. They do good work here and her health and being young is amazing,” said Brewer Firefighter and EMT Mark Kenney.  Bre has been living at the rehab center for three months now. She had to relearn to walk, among other basics.  While she wasn’t up for an interview, she tells me she hopes to go home soon.  For these folks, it’s not typical they see the result of their efforts on scene.  “No, not very often. Most of the time is just take them to the hospital. We don’t usually find out the outcome, so this is good to see,” said Kenney.  It’s fair to say that this year’s feast featured much more than corn bread and cake, rather a chance for first responders to see one of their many success stories firsthand.

SEP 30, 20166:17 PM EDT