City Hall - Brewer, Maine


The information listed below includes a City-wide map of the different zones that are referenced in the Land Use Code, as well as the applicable Land Use Code and the Schedule of Uses matrix that is used to determine zoning, permitting and site plan requirements.

The Brewer Zoning Map shows the general layout of the different zones we have within the City, including the break down of residential, commercial and industrial zones.

The purpose of the Land Use Code is to regulate the location and use of residential, commercial, industrial and other real estate in the City of Brewer. It covers topics such as: the construction, height, number of stories and area of all structures; the size of open spaces of real estate population density; and setback of structures along public ways.

The  is used to determine if a use is allowed within a particular zone, whether or not it requires a permit, and whether or not the project needs to planning board for approval. The matrix also sets requirements for minimum lot sizes, setback requirements and various other issues. Click here for the key to the symbols used in the schedule of uses and permit required symbols.

The Tax Maps are a reference for every property within the City of Brewer.

If you have any questions, please contact Code Enforcement at 207.989.7790.