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Public Works update

Public Works has scheduled the following streets for early season paving:  Camden Court; Rockland Court; Hillside Blvd. from Adams Ct. to Camden Court; Hobbit Way; the dead-end section of Day Road; the river end of Holyoke Street; Prospect Street; a section of Burr Street and High Street.  Some prep work has already started on these streets and we expect milling of the road surfaces to start next week. Other streets are scheduled for paving later this year.

Public Works is currently still seeking seasonal employees for this summer.  For more information and to apply for them, click on Employment Opportunities on the top of the City’s home page.

The painting of crosswalks and intersections has been delayed due to the shortage of available raw material for paints.  At this time, we are focusing on crosswalks along main roads but our supplies are limited at this time.