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Trash rules reminder

Please remember during this difficult period that residents must continue to follow all rules and regulations when putting household trash out. Although the City has suspended trash tags until further notice, all trash needs to be in trash bags and cardboard stacked neatly next to it. For questions regarding what you can and cannot place curbside please visit includes a list of items that are prohibited.

This is not the time to be putting items out such as pools, ladders, old toys, or any other junk items that are not considered household trash.  The City is working to schedule its annual spring collection of brush, leaves and white goods. We will keep you updated on the re-opening of the Landfill, which is currently closed until further notice. If you have any questions regarding the Pay-As-You-Throw trash program, please call the City Manager’s Office directly at 989-7500.

This is NOT acceptable trash disposal. Please be a responsible neighbor. Thanks!