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S.J. Rollins moving into former TD Bank in Brewer to accommodate growth

BANGOR, Maine — A local computer service, sales and technology firm that’s been doing business for more than three decades is getting ready to move into a former bank in nearby Brewer because it has outgrown its current space, its owner said on Friday.

“We’re moving our facilities over because we are desperately overdue for an expansion,” Steve Rollins of S.J. Rollins Technologies Inc. said in a telephone interview.

“Business has been great for a lot of years,” Rollins said. “We started in 1986, so it’s been 31 years. We bought the building [at 242 State St.] in Bangor in 1992 and we’ve been growing all through these years. And, really, for the last five years we’ve been well overdue on needing more space.

“We’re so packed, we can’t have a company meeting,” he said.

That is why Rollins decided to purchase the former TD Bank building at 508 Wilson St. in Brewer, he said. He declined to disclose the purchase price.

“A lot of my guys are on the road everyday, so we’ve been able to [make do with the facility on State Street in Bangor] but basically, we’re tripling our space with this new facility,” he said.

Rollins said the move will provide room for his current workforce of nearly 20 as well as space for future growth.

Rollins said that renovations at the Wilson Street location began in November and should be wrapped up by May or shortly thereafter.

“It’s a complete gutting. The drive-through is gone and we’re adding 1,600 square feet worth of office space where the drive-through was,” he said.

The existing building has 4,200 square feet on the main floor, he said.

“That’s being completely redone to fit our needs — new conference rooms, tech work areas, front counters, things along those lines — and then we still have 4,200 square feet of basement for our data center expansions,” he said, adding that the basement space will be climate-controlled, backed up by generators.

By Dawn Gagnon, BDN Staff
Posted Jan. 07, 2017, at 7 a.m.