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Naming the new regional trail system

The communities of Bangor, Bradley, Brewer, Eddington, Hampden, Hermon, Holden, Milford, Old Town, Orono, Orrington, and Veazie all have extensive trail systems and opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of our area but it’s very difficult to get to one trail system from another or even find the trails if you’re not familiar with the local land trust’s website. Recently representatives of these twelve Penobscot Valley communities began work on creating a regional, connected trail system with a website that will connect visitors to information about all the trails in the area.

As we begin the process of getting out the word and gathering volunteers for the effort, we would like your input on naming the new regional trail system and website. Currently there are three names under consideration:

  • Heart of Penobscot Trails – Could also be known as HOP Trails and be represented by a heart symbol/icon that can be used on brochures, trail signs, and for “healthy heart” walking promos.
  • Penobscot Area Connected Trails – Could also be known as PAC Trails and be represented by a hiking backpack symbol/icon, such as one would need for a full day of recreating on our connected trails.
  • Penobscot Area Linked Trails – Could also be known as PAL Trails which offers a “friendly” connotation, referencing not only outdoor companionship but the mutual collaboration and support between towns on this regional project.

Please help us by ranking them in order of preference in this survey: by July 31st. The survey also asks if you have any other ideas for names to throw in the mix and we welcome more options.

Thank you for your input!