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CIANBRO Looking To Build State’s Skilled Work Force

1.24.2008 – In the last year, hundreds of skilled Maine workers have been laid off. Most recently, two mills in Ashland closed putting 140 people out of work. Bath Iron Works also recently laid off 70 workers.

Now, the state’s largest construction firm wants to get those workers back on the job.
Officials at CIANBRO say they plan to hire an additional 500 employees this year. The company recently took over the Eastern Fine Paper mill site and will begin a new $7 billion dollar project in March, building modules for a Texas oil refinery.
Representatives say if they can’t find enough skilled workers, they are prepared to train new employees in a variety of fields.
“Whether it be the journey level trades, pipe fitting, pipe welding, iron workers, electricians, all those different trades, and we’re looking those people who are under employed, un-employed that have the qualities to be a CIANBRO team member.”
CIANBRO already has more than 200 employees, company wide, taking part in skill training programs.

A copyright story from Co., Inc. January 24, 2008 by Scott Sassone.