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Brewer Receives USDA Sewer Upgrade Funds

5.07.2009 – The USDA Rural Development program has issued the city a low-interest loan to move and improve the septage dumping site and to purchase new video equipment to search out problems, said Kenneth Locke, environmental services director.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development’s Water and Environmental Program issued the city $865,000, which will pay for the two projects, he said.

“That’s $765,000 for a septic receiving area at the Waste Water Treatment Plant and $100,000 for video equipment for the sewer collection system,” Locke said.

The septage and wastewater receiving area is now located at the old Public Works site on Hardy Street, which means it then must be hauled to the treatment plant.

Locke said, “At the Waste Water Treatment Plant all the septic water will be pretreated so we won’t have the odor problem. It will be a lot better.”

The new receiving area is being designed and construction is expected to begin late in the summer, he said.

“In addition to improving the wastewater system that serves rural residents, businesses and public facilities, this project provides environmental benefits and will create approximately 20 construction jobs,” a USDA press release states.

USDA Rural Development’s Water and Environmental Program provides loans and grants to ensure that necessary investments are made in water and wastewater infrastructure to deliver safe drinking water and protect the environment in rural areas, the release states.

The video equipment will be used for diagnostic purposes on the city’s 46 miles of sewer pipe and 56 miles of storm water pipe, Locke said.

“We can send video equipment into the pipe to the site and see what the problem is.”

(Source: Bangor Daily News (Bangor, Maine))trackingBy Nok-Noi Ricker, Bangor Daily News, Maine, Thursday, May 07, 2009