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Brewer plans to bring more businesses on the Waterfront

The City of Brewer continues to grow each year and while the city typically focuses on manufacturing businesses, the Waterfront is becoming a hot commodity.

“We’re seeing a strong up tick in interests of businesses that want to move to Brewer,” said D’arcy Main-Boyington, the economic development personnel for the City of Brewer.

For years, the city has helped businesses grow and location plays a key role.

“Our goal is not to only give the residence of Brewer a wonderful place that they will want to be and the whole region, but we also want it to be something that tourist want to stick around for day,” said Main-Boyington.

The city is working to expand it’s Waterfront, starting with extending the sidewalk to the Penobscot Bridge.

“If we get people out of their cars and wanting to actually spend time on the Waterfront, then we will have businesses wanting to follow them there,” she said.

Businesses like Mason’s Brewing Company and High Tide views the Waterfront as an asset for attracting customers. But the waterfront isn’t the only great place to open up a business, SJ Rollins Technologies recently relocated to Brewer and are doing very well. The city also got calls from prospective businesses during the typically slower months.

“It’s great to see the economy is actually really turning around in the region,” said Main-Boyington.

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Written by Jack Hilton of WVII ABC 7 and WFVX Fox 22