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Brewer Business Makes Pet Owners Happy

July 12, 2012

Brewer, Maine (NEWS CENTER)– There’s a new service provided in Bangor, Brewer and Blue Hill that lets you wash your pet with out messing up your house.

The Pet Wash is kind of like a car wash for pets. Owners can shampoo, rinse, and condition for odors or fleas and ticks. Other options include blow drying and wet vaccing.

Owner Chuck Lawerence says the Pet Wash is at 3 of his Tradewinds stores. Lawerence said, “My wife Belinda and I were at a Carwash show out in Las Vegas and we saw these Pet Washes. And we thought about our communities and we didn’t see that service provided and that’s what Tradewinds is about, providing services that don’t exist in a community.”

The Lawrence’s say they will be donating 1 dollar per wash to local cancer treatment in the 3 communities that have them. Blue Hill, Brewer and Bangor.

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