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BEDC – Dirigo Drive and Exit 5 Projects

6.08.2005 – BEDC is a private, nonprofit development agency focusing on job creation, tax-based growth and city development.

A public hearing was held to discuss the seven-lot minor commercial subdivision located between Wal-Mart and Dirigo Drive with one lot across the roadway before the project was approved by the board with 13 conditions.

Most of the conditions concerned runoff and wetland permits, but one called for future lot owners to upgrade the current dirt driveway at the site into a shared-use driveway, with a note that it would not become a city street.

“This is really a unique situation,” Johns said at the meeting. “We could have them each do their own driveway [onto Dirigo Drive], but we really don’t want that many driveways.”

The driveway now cut into the site leads to a cell tower on what will be considered lot six of the subdivision.

Sketch plan reviews were held for a four-lot commercial subdivision off Exit 5 of Interstate 395 and an amended seven-lot commercial subdivision at the junction of Parkway South and Dirigo Drive, which is already partially developed.

The Exit 5 project is located near the former Shurtleff Salt Factory off Parkway South and is a partnership with the city to transplant Nyle Corp., which manufactures heaters and wood drying equipment, from Center Street to a new expandable facility at the location.

The amended seven-lot subdivision is located at the Parkway South end of Dirigo Drive and includes the already built Bangor Federal Credit Union and the Brewer Emergency Veterinary Clinic.

Plans calls for lot two of the original subdivision be divided into five smaller lots, all with frontage on Dirigo Drive.

After the reviews, back-to-back site visits for June 20 were scheduled for the two BEDC projects.

Part of a Bangor Daily News article Wednesday, June 8, 2005