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Make a comment or suggestion to the City of Brewer. If you have a comment, suggestion, question, or non-time sensitive request, you may contact us any time that is convenient for you via this form. We will not use this information to add your name to any calling or mailing lists. If you have a time sensitive request, please call us at one of the numbers listed below so that we can respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for caring about your city and we look forward to hearing from you!

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Department Phone Numbers

City Hall
Assessing 207.989.7560
City Clerk 207.989.7050
City Manager 207.989.7500
Code Enforcement 207.989.7790
Economic Development 207.989.7500
Finance 207.989.8440
General Assistance 207.989.7020
Tax Office 207.989.7060
Engineering 207.989.7800
Environmental Services
Sewer / Wastewater Treatment Plant 207.989.5417
Landfill 207.989.7800
Library 207.989.7943
Parks and Recreation 207.989.5199
Planning 207.989.8431
Public Safety
Emergency 911
Fire (Business Line) 207.989.7002
Police (Business Line) 207.989.7001
Public Works 207.989.7800
School Department
Brewer Community School 207.404.5700
Brewer High School 207.989.4140
Superintendent’s Office 207.989.3160
Technology 207.989.8428
Water 207.989.4214