Recycling in Brewer


What is changing September 1, 2019?

Brewer’s curbside trash and recycling pickups are being consolidated into a weekly “All-In-One” collection.

Why is the program changing?

The technology of the new Coastal Resources of Maine advanced waste processing and recycling facility in Hampden allows us to significantly increase the City’s recycling rate while simplifying the curbside collection process for residents.

What is All-In-One collection?

Also referred to as commingled collection, residents put all waste and recyclables into the same container and place it curbside for weekly collection. There is no extra bi-weekly recycling pickup.

How will All-In-One collection increase recycling?

Trash and recycling will be sorted on site by Coastal Resources, which will recover, recycle, and convert up to 80% of the wasted materials thrown out each week. Marketable recyclables are pulled out, and recovered parts of trash will be converted into ethanol and biogas; plastics will be converted into “briquettes” that can be used for fuel; and solubilized food waste is processed through anaerobic digestion.  Check out the graphic and learn more at the Coastal Resources website.

Which properties receive curbside collection services?

The City provides curbside collection of municipal solid waste to residential properties, which are properties containing at least one, but not more than four (4) dwelling units. Commercial properties, which include trailer parks and apartment buildings with more than 4 units, must dispose of trash and recycling at their own expense.

Pay As You Throw (PAYT) Trash Program

The City’s Pay As You Throw trash program began January 1, 2011. Click here for more information.