Construction Project Updates

While there are many projects going on within the City, there may be some that are not being administered by the Engineering Department. Other departments that could be administering projects may include Public Works, Water Department, or the Environmental Services. If you have questions pertaining to a certain project and are unsure which department to contact, please let us know at 207.989.7800.

City Projects Currently In Progress

Wilson Street Interconnect Project, Phase II

Location:   Wilson Streets intersections with Acme Road, Greenpoint Road, Pierce Road/Sparks, Thompson St/Walton Blvd, and Dirigo/Arista.

*This project will connect the remaining portions of the Wilson Street corridor to the coordinated intersections of phase I and is expected to be completed in  December 2017.

Street Light Conversion Project

Location:   Throughout the entire City.

*This project is a multi-phase project that will eventually convert all of the cobrahead street lights that Brewer has within the City limits to new high efficiency LED fixtures.  Construction is expected to occur in the spring of 2018.

City Projects In the Planning Stages

Mill Street Reconstruction and Drainage Improvements Project

Location:   Mill Street from Elm Street to the City Line.

*Design is currently occurring and the project is expected to be bid in the early spring 2018 with construction expected in the summer of 2018.

MDOT Projects Currently In Progress

North Main & Betton Street Traffic Signal Improvements

Location:  The intersection of North Main Street and Betton Street

*This project was awarded in November 2017 with two other signal projects in the City at Wilson & Main and Wilson & Walton/Thompson .  Construction is expected in the spring of 2018.

*This project will add a green arrow for the movement from North Main onto Betton and will also reconfigure the traffic lanes to improve movement through the intersection.

MDOT Projects In the Planning Stages

Penobscot Landing Trail, Phase 2
Location:  Beginning at Wilson Street, where the trail currently ends, and extending 0.40 miles to the Penobscot Bridge.

*This project is expected to begin construction in the spring/summer of 2018. The design is currently being finalized and then land rights agreements will begin.

Wilson Street Resurfacing
Location:  Beginning at Thompson Street and extending 0.66 miles to Arista Drive

*This mill and fill project is currently on MaineDOT’s work plan for 2018 or 2019.

South Main Street Resurfacing
Location:  Beginning 0.6 miles north of Elm Street and extending 1.08 miles to Abbott St

*This mill and fill project is currently on MaineDOT’s work plan for 2018 or 2019.