City Hall - Brewer, Maine

Welcome to the Assessing Department!

The Assessing Department is responsible for discovering, listing, equalizing and valuing all taxable property, real and personal, within the City of Brewer for the purpose of taxation. The assessment of property is performed annually and must be in compliance with State Statutes. We perform this function by utilizing deeds, subdivision plans, building permits, site inspections, declarations of value, etc. We are also responsible for maintaining the changes in ownership and any changes regarding the value of property. Once a year, the assessment roll is committed and sent to the Tax Collector for tax purposes.

NEW! Assessing information now available online click here to be taken to the new Assessor’s Online Database

Click here to see the Commitment Book, which shows the valuation and tax data for each real estate and personal property account.

All Exemptions are administered by the Assessing Department. The Application for Exemption From Local Property Taxation can be found here. The Homestead Exemption Application, BETE, BETR, Blind Exemption, etc. can be found on the State of Maine Web Site.

Quick Facts

Fiscal Year:                July 1 to June 30
Assessment Date:     April 1, 2015
Commitment Date:     July 29, 2015
Tax Bill Due Dates:    September 8, 2015 and March 8, 2016
Certified Ratio:          100%
Current Tax Rate:      $21.52 per $1,000 of valuation
Appeal Deadline:      January 30, 2016 (185 days from the date of Commitment)
-                                  NOTE:  Appeal applications MUST be delivered to
-                                              City Hall by close of business Fri., Jan 29
-                                              or postmarked no later than Sat., Jan 30.

The total taxable valuation is broken down as follows:

4-1-2015 FY16 4-1-2014 FY15
Real Estate: $730,346,030 $732,470,870
Personal Property: $31,516,100 $33,497,600
Taxable Valuation: $761,862,130 $765,968,470

The assessing department records are public information and can be viewed Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We are located in the bunker in City Hall at 80 North Main Street.