Brewer News

Tree Debris Disposal Options for Brewer Residents

Due to the damage from the recent windstorm, the City of Brewer wishes to extend the following tree debris disposal options:

Brewer Landfill

The Brewer Landfill will be open to residents from Tuesday, January 2nd through Saturday, January 6th, from 7:30am to 3:00pm for residents to drop off tree debris.

Joseph L. Ferris Community Center

On the Wilson Street side of the Joseph L. Ferris Community Center (Brewer Auditorium), on the lower end toward the ballfield fence, residents can drop off discarded Christmas trees and tree debris from the storm.  This drop off area can be used any time of day until Monday, January 15, 2024.

Scheduled Pickup of Tree Debris

Brewer residents may contact the Brewer Public Works Department (989-7800) during regular business hours starting Wednesday, January 3rd until Friday, January 8, 2024 to schedule curbside pickup of tree debris.  The tree debris must be placed curbside to schedule a pickup, Public Works cannot enter private property to pick up the debris.  Please do not place the tree debris in the roadway or on a sidewalk.  Once scheduled, Public Works will pick up the debris as soon as possible.  Public Works will only pickup at locations that have been scheduled.

Spring Cleanup

Public Works will offer the regular curbside spring cleanup in May.  At that time tree debris and leaves will be collected and no scheduling will be required.