Brewer News

Brewer COVID-19 update #2

To Brewer residents from the City Manager and Public Safety Director:

Beginning Tuesday March 17th, the following Brewer City facilities will be locked and not accessible to the general public unless by appointment.

Assessing- 989-7560
City Clerk- 989-7050
City Manager- 989-7500
Code Enforcement- 989-7790
Economic Development- 989-7500
Engineering- 989-8430
Environmental Services (WPCF)- 989-5417 or 745-6919(after 5:00pm)
Finance- 989-8440
Tax Office- 989-7060
Fire Department- 989-7002
Ferris Community Center- 989-5199
Human Services- 989-7020
Planning- 989-8431
Police- 989-7001
Public Works- 989-7800
Water Department- 989-4214

The Brewer Landfill will also be closed until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Most normal business can be conducted by telephone, email or online at Physical transactions will be limited to new vehicle registrations (989-7060) and marriage licenses (989-7050). This is a precautionary effort to minimize possible virus exposure to employees and the public, and will be in place until further notice.

Steve Bost
City Manager

Jason Moffit
Public Safety Director