Brewer Library has Switched to Minerva!

What the Switch Means for You

Must Have New 14-Digit Library Card
Minerva is a shared system, which means that all participating libraries need to have barcodes that are the same length. So, if you come into the library after March 28th, you will be given a brand new 14-digit barcode card (if you don’t already have one)!

Must Have Your Library Card when you Check Out
Starting Monday, March 28th, we ask that you bring your library card with you when you check out. Why, you may ask, are we being so strict? Minerva is a shared library system, which means that we share a catalog with 62 other libraries! So there may be multiple Paul Atreides’ in the system, and we need to make sure we find the correct one, hence the card requirement. Don’t worry, though! We will be lenient on this until May 1st.

Pending Holds and ILLs
Any current holds or ILL requests you’ve made will transfer to the new system. No need to request again!

New Online Catalog Means New Features!
Our online catalog will look at lot different, but don’t worry, it’s actually easy to use and can do a lot more! You can place your own holds and ILLs, view your reading history, and even sign up for email and text message notifications! Watch the video below to learn how.

We’re a Learnin’
This system is brand new for staff, too, so for the first week or so we may be a little slower when checking people out. Please be patient with us. We learn quick!

Minerva Basics
Watch this video to learn how to access your library account, place holds and ILLs, and opt into receiving text message notifications!