Public Works Personnel

2017 Public Works Department

In the cab:  Shawn Toupin, LEO
On the truck L to R:  Randy Stubbs, Maintenance Shop Foreman; Nicholas Moore, LEO; Ian Badershall, Crew Leader/HEO; Nathan Henry, LEO; Michael Stone, LEO
Front from L to R:  Gerald Folster, Mechanic; Michael Morin, Mechanic; Ricci More, Purchasing Agent; David Cote, Director; Sandee Barber, Office Administrator; Raymond O’Donal, SSES Technician; Trevor Dearborn, LEO; Eric Smith, Crew Leader/HEO; Thomas Helms, LEO; Gordon Parent, CDD Landfill Operator
Absent from photo:  Jimmy Brown, SSES Technician; Justin Madden, LEO