The City of Brewer will be expanding the curbside leaf collection, starting November 13th, to include tree debris to help residents cleanup from the October 30th storm. Residents can place their tree debris roadside along with their leaf bags, please keep the two separated. When piling the tree debris please do not place the pile directly under wires, in ditches or too close to other obstacles, such as mailboxes or fire hydrants. The tree debris place roadside for collection should be no longer than 6’ to 8’ in length.

Along with the expansion of the leaf collection program, the Brewer landfill will be extending it’s hours on Tuesdays, from 7 – 11:30am to 7 – 2:30pm along with being open on Saturdays until November 18th.

Public Works Personnel

2017 Public Works Department

In the cab:  Shawn Toupin, LEO
On the truck L to R:  Randy Stubbs, Maintenance Shop Foreman; Nicholas Moore, LEO; Ian Badershall, Crew Leader/HEO; Nathan Henry, LEO; Michael Stone, LEO
Front from L to R:  Gerald Folster, Mechanic; Michael Morin, Mechanic; Ricci More, Purchasing Agent; David Cote, Director; Sandee Barber, Office Administrator; Raymond O’Donal, SSES Technician; Trevor Dearborn, LEO; Eric Smith, Crew Leader/HEO; Thomas Helms, LEO; Gordon Parent, CDD Landfill Operator
Absent from photo:  Jimmy Brown, SSES Technician; Justin Madden, LEO