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Storm Update from Brewer Public Works

From Brewer Public Works,

Information on today’s pending storm. All indications show the strong potential for blizzard conditions, heavy snow and strong winds, starting shortly after noon time and extending until 10 p.m. tonight. The City urges all people to avoid traveling on the roadways, especially during that time frame. Many people don’t realize how difficult it is for plow drivers to do their job in those types of conditions. If you are having a hard time seeing where you are going, so are they. Keep in mind, it takes 3 hours or more for the plow trucks to make one full rotation through their designated plow runs, so if it is snowing at a rate of 2” – 3” per hour it will not be uncommon for roads to get a buildup of 6” – 9” of snow on them before the plow makes it back to any given street. If you must travel, please use a capable vehicle with good tires and 4-wheel drive and please do your best to make room for oncoming plows. Lastly, it takes approximately 4 – 8 hours to clean up after a heavy storm so pulling cars onto the roadway to clean driveways during the cleanup creates a huge problem for the plow drivers and slows the process down dramatically.