Brewer News


The City of Brewer is offering to its citizens a way to dispose of their bulky packing materials, particularly abundant during the holiday season, without having to use approved City of Brewer pay as you throw bags.

To take advantage of this limited, two-week program, simply put your non-recyclable bulky packing items i.e. Styrofoam packing, Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, bows, and ribbon etc. in a transparent plastic bag so materials contained within can be easily identified. Place it curbside along with your pay as you throw bags, and it will be collected at the same time as your regular household rubbish. Please do not put regular waste or recyclables in the plastic bags. Bags with noticeable food waste, other typical household waste, or recyclables including in them will not be collected.
Please continue to separate the recyclable materials i.e. the cardboard, boxboard, wrapping paper, rigid and semi-rigid plastic, blister packaging etc. which will be collected during regular curbside recycling collection.

The City will run this special collection program for two consecutive weeks: the week starting Tuesday, December 31, 2018 and the week starting Tuesday, January 7, 2019. Whereas Tuesday, January 1st is a holiday the regular pickup for that Tuesday and following Wednesday will be shifted by one day.