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We’re Ramping Up on Earth Day!
On behalf of Fiberight, Coastal Resources of Maine, and our project partners at Municipal Review Committee (MRC), we are excited to announce that Earth Day, April 22, 2019, marked the first full deliveries of municipal solid waste for processing at the Hampden, ME facility.

In remarks to the officials present at today’s inaugural delivery, Fiberight CEO Craig Stuart-Paul said, “Coastal Resources of Maine exists because of our belief that recycling is an essential service that shouldn’t be sacrificed because of market volatility. With so much bad news coming from the recycling industry of late, Fiberight is proud to introduce next generation recycling to Maine and America.”

“Earth Day is the perfect day to be celebrating the technological advancements in waste processing made possible by the innovations at Coastal Resources,” said Karen Fussell, MRC Board Vice-President.”The MRC mission of providing affordable, long term and environmentally sound disposal of MSW is now entering a new chapter.”

As the advanced solid waste and recycling processing facility continues to ramp up in the coming months, Coastal Resources will accept increasing amounts of municipal solid waste and recycling from our MRC project partner communities on a controlled basis.

The onboarding process is scheduled to culminate in full-scale operations with all MRC communities delivering waste on a non-stop basis to the plant by the end of June.

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