City Hall - Brewer, Maine

Community Development Program


The City of Brewer has received authorization to proceed with the Phase II and Environmental Review (ER) requirements for this grant, and we are currently completing these necessary steps.



Baring any unforeseen issue, the City of Brewer anticipates completing the Phase II and ER processes later this summer. Once those steps are completed we will be eligible to enter into a contract with the State of Maine, Department of Economic and Community Development and receive funding for qualified projects. No projects may begin, nor can reimbursements be made for work completed, prior to the City of Brewer receiving actual funding.

In anticipation of completing these necessary steps and successfully entering into a contract, we are now moving forward with the necessary income verification for all program participants.

FAMILY SIZE              ANNUAL INCOME                      MONTHLY INCOME
1 Person                              $35,151                                       $2,929.25
2 Person                              $40,151                                       $3,345.92
3 Person                              $45,151                                       $3,762.58
4 Person                              $50,151                                       $4,179.25
5 Person                              $54,201                                       $4,516.75
6 Person                              $58,201                                       $4,850.08
7 Person                              $62,201                                       $5,183.42
8 Person                              $66,201                                       $5,516.75

If you have questions regarding this program please contact James Smith, Assistant City Manager at 989-7500, or by email at